Painting and drawing “on site” have always been my delight.

I believe that nature is a marvellous resource awaiting an imaginative interpretation by the artist. Drawing is learning to see: a way of getting to know my fellow humans and their environment.

My sketchbook accompanies me on trains, buses, to public forums, and when travelling overseas.

My heroes have been the Australian artists Ivor Hele, Noel Counihan and William Dobell; others are Felix Topolski, Honoré Daumier, Andrew Wyeth, Jean François Millet and Rembrandt, all figure draughtsmen.

Perhaps I have always been a “realist”, although this was not a desirable term in the 1950s and 1960s, when the domination of abstraction was paramount. Since I was not part of contemporary art movements, there was no point in seeking public recognition or exhibitions in commercial galleries. Through this site I can now exhibit my work and share my delights with you.